Ics gearbox

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Ics gearbox

Select language: CS EN. Login Register. CNC gearboxes. Minimum order quantity 1 pcs. Choose product variant that is currently not in stock. Once it is available, you will be automatically notified by e-mail.

Because of used material, our gearboxes have the best durability and resilience than common zinc-aluminum gearboxes. We are manufacturing these gearboxes on our precise CNC milling machines in our factory. If we did not anodize products from this material, there is huge risk of corrosion huge gray spots with rotten look. That means even the inner parts. Do not use rude force during installation.

Use only 1Nm tightening moment on screws, otherwise the screws will overturn in heads. There is no need of tightening screws with rude force, if you want to be sure that screws will sit perfectly, use thread glue or thread color. You can use in our CNC gearbox any spring of your choicebut be aware that stronger springs will result in lower durability. Installation of the inner parts and gearbox requires professional knowledge, experience and skills.

There are a lot of airsoft manufacturers on the market and every one of them create their own sizes, there are no standards like engineering ISO in airsoft. This is the main problem with a lot of inner and outer parts from different manufacturers which can be same product, but with different dimensions.

We recommend using only parts from manufacturers with Tokyo Marui compatible parts, where should not be a problem with compatibility with our CNC gearbox. Item No. Add to cart. Availability notificator Choose product variant that is currently not in stock. Availability notification.

Privacy policy. We made some useful improvements into our CNC gearboxes V2: Spring holders have grooves, so the springs for tapped plate and trigger switch will not jump off. All threads are now shaped instead of cutted for better strength.

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Both of the gearbox parts are centered by milled grooves and edges. Outer edges are now cutted off. Send a copy of the query?You can expect high level of quality from these parts to install onto your airsoft gun. Increase your FPS and make sure you targets feel your airsoft gun's hits. No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm replica firearmin a public place.

The term "public place" means an area open to the public or exposed to public view and includes streets, sidewalks, bridges, alleys, plazas, parks, driveways, parking lots, automobiles, whether moving or not, and buildings open to the general public, including those that serve food or drink, or provide entertainment, and the doorways and entrances to buildings or dwellings and the grounds enclosing them. Any person who changes, alters, removes, or obliterates any coloration or markings that are required for by any applicable state or federal law or regulation, for any imitation firearm replica firearmor device in any way that makes the imitation firearm replica firearm or device look more like a firearm is guilty of violating the state or federal law.

By accessing the Site, you certify that you are older than 18 years of age or the age of majority where you live, whichever is older; that you are the owner of any credit card used to purchase on items on the Site; that you are familiar with all local laws in your area affecting your legal right to access airsoft products; that any products you buy are for your own private enjoyment and that you will NEVER share these products with a minor in ANY WAY.

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ics gearbox

Cyma AEG. Valken AEG. JG AEG. King Arms AEG. Other Brands AEG. G New Player Package. Electric Sniper Rifle.By seanycozzie24vFebruary 2, in Electric Guns. If it's not broken don't fix it mate. FPS can be upped with a simple spring change, will cost around a tenner depending on the brand. If your piston head isn't ported, then I'd recommend getting one for better seal and maybe change the cylinder head to one with 2 O-rings if your current one only has 1.

IF you have alot of wear on the piston, then change it to a Lonex blue. Other than that I'd say stick to it if it works for ya. The MA is an M kit - that'll most likely take you well over the FPS limit of every site in the country unless the seals are dodgy. What's the FPS at the moment? It might not need changing to be honest. It sounds like you have a decent spec upper so I'd be surprised if it has a weak spring.

Sounds like any drop in FPS is down to the seals and once you've sorted those the spring will be fine.

ICS M4 Bore Up Complete Upper Gearbox for ICS M4

If the piston head is fine, and just the o-ring that's worn you can replace the o-ring for pennies rather than the whole thing. It's best to stick to ICS parts. I'm not saying you'll have issues with all non ICS parts, but you may! Electric Guns Search In. Advertise here.

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Recommended Posts. Posted February 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Better off getting a smart charger that has peak detection so as to not risk damaging the cells.

Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.When I tell people most airsoft guns are electric, they always ask me how it works espc you mechanically inclined folks!

ics gearbox

In simplistic terms, a motor turns some gears which pulls back a piston then releases it forcing air to escape a cylinder and fires a bb. The gearbox houses two main sub systems, the upper and lower gearbox.

Here you can see where they split and where the lower gears protrude to transfer some energy to the upper gearbox.

Above is the spring and spring guide which are located towards the rear of the gearbox. The spring is simple enough as it stores potential energy when compressed. The spring guide is used to keep the spring from deviating away from the centerline of the assembly when cycling. This part also has a bearing pictured below:. This piston is the main connection between lower and upper gearbox. It has teeth underneath and linear guides on the sides.

As the gears on the lower section remember the first pic? It also holds the piston head on the right. There is also a bearing on the inside to compensate for spring rotation as mentioned in the spring sub-assembly. The final sub-assembly below is located between the spring and cylinder assemblies. The cylinder is well, a cylinder lol! The cylinder head directs flow from the cylinder though the nozzle behind the bb which is in the hop up, more on this another day.

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The final sub assembly is shown below:. Here is the tappet plate and the air nozzle. The tappet plate controls the linear motion of the air nozzle. It is pulled back from the rear by the gears on the lower gearbox and returns forward via spring. The semicircular point in the front holds what is called the air nozzle.

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The air nozzle is important in feeding bbs and routing air behind the bb.It was probably inwhen the first AR replicas with a two part gearbox arrived at the stores. Of course all of them differed between one another in technical details, but the main idea behind them was identical - the arrangement of the gears is the lower part of the gearbox frame that fits completely in the lower receiver of a replicas. The pneumatic system, i. Both parts of the mechanism work together only after being connected and secured with pins in the PTW it is necessary to connect both parts of the receiver of the carbine replica.

ics gearbox

A smart and outstanding solution that, on the one hand, facilitates diagnostics and simplifies some repairs, on the other hand, actually allowing for changing the muzzle velocity of a replica "in the field". Since its beginning, Systema has positioned its PTW professional training weapon replicas as a premium product.

That's why it costed a lot and completely went beyond the standard of gearbox frames and other parts set by Tokyo Marui. It should be mentioned that whey were machined on numerically controlled machines and had factory applied ball bearings with a diameter of 8 millimeters of industrial quality and durability, while the stock standard were still 6 mm bushings. What's more, as the only one at that time, it had a HopUp chamber integrated with the upper half of the frame.

Today, similar gearboxes are produced by RetroArms. Nominally, a similar amount of money for a ProWin in the mids was unfathomable! Since the very beginning, ICS was an attractive and affordable solution. Replicas equipped with a two part gearbox were not significantly more expensive than those of the competition built around a standard V2 gearbox.

What's more, those replicas had a one-piece HopUp chamber from the get go, equipped with precise adjustment done via a ring rotating around the barrel axis, exactly as in the currently popular "rotary" type chambers. Another distinguishing feature of those replicas and the characteristic feature of the ICS two part gearboxes was a functional forward assist used to relieve the main spring tension.

After pressing the button, a cam moved the anti-reversal latch from the bevel gear and the piston went into the front position. Firstly, the above mentioned possibility of changing the muzzle velocity in just a few seconds by replacing the upper part of the gearbox.

I used it many times myself. I carried the second one in a magazine pouch and exchanged before entering the building at the Pasternik in Cracow. The second benefit is easier maintenance and possible diagnostics in case of failure. Immediately after the opening of the replica, it was possible to check the state of the nozzle, the tappet plate, the teeth on the piston, the sector and spur gear and the trigger switch contact surfaces.

And we are talking about times when no-one manufactured pistons with a full metal teeth and the only mass produced electronic control system a simple on at that!

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All these advantages still apply to the contemporary ICS models. In replicas that do not have an EBB electric blowback system, the very same mechanism is still being installed as it simply stood the test of time. Of course, budget components are installed in budget replica series, but in more expensive one the factory configurations are slightly modified.

It is important to know that all internal parts are still made in an unwritten standard, which allows easy and inexpensive upgrading or replacement. Not without significance is the mechanical durability of the frames themselves, which work for a long time even under a significantly increased load.

Hence, both versions of the ICS two part gearboxes with and without EBB differ slightly from each other and are not compatible.

ics gearbox

Fortunately, the difference applies only to the frames themselves, the spring guides, the anti-reversal latches and the safety selector plates. All other parts are interchangeable and comply fully in the standard.

Comparison of the upper parts of the gearboxes. At the top version is the one with the electric blowback system which the bottom one does not have.

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The EBB version has a raised upper part, on which the dummy bolt carrier moves. The EBB version also lacks a notch for the cam of the anti-return latch cooperating with the forward assist. The second difference is the use of the currently fashionable quick spring change system in the EBB equipped replicas. This is done to further facilitate changing the muzzle velocity of a replica as in those made by ICS, this can be done in two ways.

On one hand you just replace the upper part of the gearbox and you can do it without using any tools.

ICS split gearbox - a two part gearbox by ICS

On the other hand, in a slightly more complicated way, by turning the spring guide by 45 degrees, taking it out and replacing the main spring itself. This functionality is not present in replicas without the electric blowback system shown on the left.Before reading the rest of my post, please be aware I have searched for my answer on the forum, however there was no information for my unique situation.

Recently, my gearbox cracked and I'm in the market to replace it. I would like to replace it with an ICS m4 split gearbox.

I have an mp5 nozzle, selector, and trigger to swap out parts. But will the new split gearbox be compatible with my old ICS mp5? I have seen pictures on the internet where ICS just threw their m4 split gearbox in an mp5 and it seemed to fit. So I am wondering if this will work for me? I have the air nozzle, selector, and trigger.

To my knowledge those are the only things that would have to be replaced. That is exactly what I was thinking. I could never really know unless it has been tried before. However, I did not want to waste the money if it has been already tried before or if someone has expert advice.

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Not many people have ICS product I think you will have to try this out yourself to really know if it will work. Posted March 18, edited. Mp5 is supposed to be V2 same as a M4. But that doesn't mean there aren't some differences. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

ICS M4 CXP15 Split Gearbox - Quick Spring Change

Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.When you are in need of high performance for your tractor, truck, monster truck or boat, look no further than SCS Gearbox. Our reputation, track record and satisfied customers are what make us the go to source for premium, high performance parts. We welcome you to browse through our website where you will find information about our parts, company info, contact information and more.

Whether you race trucks, cars, boats or monster trucks, you are in it to win, not to finish in second place. The same concept holds true for SCS Gearbox — we are in it to win and that happens when you are satisfied with us and our products. For answers to questions about ordering, give us a call at or by emailing us at sales scsgearbox. In the meantime, browse through the rest of our website to learn more about our products.

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Please remember that we tend to be very busy and when you cannot hold for a chance to talk to a Tech or Sales Associate you may have a longer wait to get a return call from us. Thank you for your understanding. SCS Gearbox on Facebook. Yes No. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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